We have all the supplies you need for Fish, Birds, Reptiles, and more!

We have all the supplies you need for Fish, Birds, Reptiles, and more!

Welcome to Off the Hook Exotic Pets

With a combined 40+ years of experience handling a variety of animals, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. Come in and experience what it’s like to talk with people who have a real passion for what they do. Most of our animals come from local breeders who treat them like pets, not money-making machines.
For instance, our fish come from a facility that quarantines them for a week before we are even allowed to purchase them. In addition, our birds come from two breeders: one for small birds and one for larger species. These breeders also take in rescues and rehome flock members.
Caring people genuinely make a difference. Stop in for a visit to see for yourself!


I walked in because I love exotic animals; it was an amazing experience. Felt no pressure to buy anything, which was nice. At other exotic pet stores I’ve gone to, the workers won’t talk to you about an animal unless you plan to buy it. If they do, they are very annoyed, but the workers here genuinely love answering questions and educating you. I am a bird owner and was so pleased to see how happy theirs were. They do have parrots that, at first glance, are in rough shape (can be alarming if you aren’t educated on birds), but they are rescues, and it’s obvious they are on the mend and happy birds. I was thrilled to see that just as much care is put into the smaller birds as well. I bought a parakeet to bring home to my flock of four (now five), and she was so easy to tame and train, so they clearly interact with their birds often. I’m not nearly as educated on reptiles, but from my basics, as a vet tech student, they are well taken care of, and their environments are full of enrichment too, which is awesome to see at a store. Would go back and refer friends to this store as well. – Eli SH

BEST REPTILE STORE! This is hands down the best reptile store I’ve ever been too. The staff was friendly and all of the animals looked very well cared for and their enclosures were awesome! The store smelled clean and they had exactly what we needed. 100% recommend! – Cera Lippert

Beautiful pet store ran by people who clearly love animals. Will definitely be back!! – Shannon Alleshouse

Very well maintained pet store. They have everything for exotic pets. The staff is very knowledgeable, and extremely friendly. – Christopher Helms

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